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Simple Way

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Let’s do IT the simple way...

Tech made our lives easier but some times it needs a fix and we do it the most human way!

Whether it's a complex problem like Data Recovery and Back or as simple as connecting your printer to your computer, you are at the right place.

Ask for invoice so that you may claim as business expense if you run a business.

What We Offer

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Backups and Recovery

Are you at the verge of loosing data due to computer crash, CPU burnout or harddrive issues, we can save data in time before further attempts can cause it to loose it permanently. Data if unaccessible becomes like a footprint on sands, the sooner we can read it and recover the better and successful it will be.

PC repair and assembly. Elements or accessories for the computer.

Computer Repairs

Is your PC or laptop stuck at boot or freezes or has slowed down due to an update issue or has malware, viruses etc, lets clean it up and get it back to work fast and running. We also troubleshoot and educate the cause of the issue so you know what to look for next time to avoid the issue.

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Connecting Devices

Our simple PC or laptop is not complete without internet, printer, key boards etc and sometimes it gets tricky to get them connected. Some times they fail and we do not know where is the problem, we can save some time and get it back to work in time.

Why BCC?

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A Simple drop - off today can get your computer up and running by tommorrow

Piggy bank savings online banking


Flat and Upfront pricing gives you piece of mind and you know it its worth the repair



We kept 15 Minutes of Troubeshoot free and if it doesn’t need work, we don’t charge you

We are a Five Star Computer Repair Service, we do not claim it but you show your love and keep us at this position on Google Maps listing - Google Maps

We continue to serve as long as you show your trust in us and give your trustworthy reviews.

We promise to keep IT as simple as possible and as economic that keeps you and our business happy!

“Your satisfaction is our pride at BCC”

- Boise Computer Care!

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What Our Clients Say


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A-maz-ing. From taking my worrisome laptop, which Samsung wanted me to send to them because it was still under warranty and they sent me an incorrect work order to do so. Heck no Samsung. And Raj at Boise computer Care was able to figure out in less than an hour. Very expensive laptop fixed without having to send it to God knows where. And I got to meet his wife and lovely dog in the process. I guess I should say lovely wife and dog. They were both lovely. Would it be stupid to say I can't wait until something breaks again so I can go back?


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This guy actually cares about people. I recommend him to anyone needing computer repair etc


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Blue screened my computer after trying to swap an SSD to my new computer. Raj was able to fix the problem the same day. Decent price, quick service. Definitely going back.


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This guy is amazing! Had gaming laptop that I just got used and had bad battery fixed it right away and was great price! Definitely will be doing a lot more business with him.


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My work laptop screen was broken and I needed it fixed asap. Raj ordered its Wednesday got the screen Saturday and had it fixed same day. Not only was his customer service A+ His work was amazing and efficient at a great price too! Thank you so much!

Abigail cox

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I unfortunately cracked my screen and looked for repair places near me. Went to multiple places that told me they couldn’t do it until I found this place. I called and was immediately in relief when he said he could fix it knowing it was just an HP. Dropped off laptop and went about my week getting frequent updates on the process. Only cost about 200 because the screen itself was expensive but he charged 60 for his service which turned out amazing! Computer has not had problems or issues and I have recommended him to many of my friends who are also a bit clumsy like myself!

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